Tangled Roots Oracle deck

The Tangled Roots Oracle is a 52-card oracle deck rooted in the ecstatic tradition of the Upper Mississippi River Reclaiming community in Minnesota, USA. Soon going into a second print run.

  • Date 2016
  • Type Oracle Deck, Illustrations

Duality: a card representing light/dark, above/below, night/day

Cosmos: ​What is above, hope, inspiration, the future

Fool: ​New beginnings, new projects

Community: The circles of community and how they hold us

Time: ​Patience, the passage of time

Tree: ​Trees, plants, our green-blood allies

Trickster: the one outside convention who breaks rules, crosses boundaries, and creates random vectors that make life more challenging and interesting.

Life: ​Cyclic nature of existence, legacy

Explorer: ​Journeys, adventures, traveling, seeking